Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Technology

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Jeff Wilson Educational ICT Services are able to provide a comprehensive range of advice and solutions, ranging from infrastructure, to IT in the classroom, to staff training. What sets Jeff apart is focus on teaching and learning and the understanding that the investment of time and resources into IT hardware and systems is only as good as the end product that learners receive - and how it impacts on them.  If every school had a Jeff then there would be a far greater link up between investment in new technology and the outcomes of students.

Daniel Jamieson, Head of School, Burnside Business & Enterprise College

Jeff can offer a unique blend of technical expertise and creativity in bringing about ICT solutions. He is able to liberate teachers and students in learning freely and without obstruction in ways which suit the young people of today. Jeff is extremely good at working with people, especially those lacking technological confidence. He also has a great strategic understanding of how new technology can move a school forward in raising standards and in gaining community confidence.

I recommend Jeff Wilson unreservedly to any school wishing to transform its ICT provision.

Jonathan Morris, Executive Principal, Thorp Academy

I would highly recommend Jeff Wilson for all of your ICT needs. I have worked with Jeff closely in a school leadership environment with a focus on driving forward school improvement. Jeff has extensive experience in leading ICT support solutions in an education environment. His strategic overview of ICT systems has had a clear impact on teaching and learning. Jeff has excellent interpersonal skills and is very approachable and solution focused. Jeff can simplify the many different aspects of using technology to ensure all elements are accessible to everyone. Jeff has extensive experience of implementing, monitoring and evaluating E-learning strategies. Jeff builds effective professional relationships with students to ensure they are safe, and builds effective professional relationships with staff to ensure technology has a positive impact on teaching and learning.

Gary Potts, Deputy Headteacher, Wellfield School